Company Introduction
JUGE & MARY LIMITED was originally established in HongKong- the fashion capital of Asia. The company is now developed as one of the famous clothing brand companies in China, mainly dealing in their own product design, manufacturing, purchasing and selling. BABY MARY, which is owned by the company, is made mainly involving in women’s clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and high fashion living stuff.In Mainland China, JUGE & MARY LIMITED will focus on the chain-branched develop of BABY MARY. We are trying our best to introduce fast fashion with competitive retailing price to every woman in China, to make them more fashionable and beautiful with confidence.

公司下設快時尚服裝品牌:BABY MARY,商品涵蓋女性服裝、女鞋、包、配飾及部分時尚生活用品。
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