Brand Introduction
BABY MARY women wear was established in 2003, by HongKong designer Juge. And the brand BABY MARY was named after the designer’s wife Mary.
Mr. Juge Zhou focuses on various fashion fields of different areas, such as Europe, Japan and Korea. He suggests and insists upon fashion trends and always has his designs wildly unique , going beyond conventional. And Juge can easily keeps the balance of his designs between the current high fashion peak and the acceptable point among Asian ladies.
There always comes surprise and enforce from his ideas. 
Devoting all his love for his wife to creating a gentle priced designer brand, Juge is really building a whole new acceptable , affordable fashion with genuine taste.

BABY MARY時尚女裝由香港著名設計師Juge先生始創于2003年,並以太太Mary的名字命名該品牌。Juge先生專注于歐洲及日本、韓國時尚領域,宣導服裝界頂尖時尚潮流,其設計思維天馬行空,超越常規,同時,在頂尖時尚潮流與亞洲女性接受度之間又取得絕佳的平衡,作品驚喜度和力量感十足,Juge先生 將自己對太太MARY女士的熱愛全情頃注于創造讓亞洲女性以平和的價位,打造買得起、穿得上的、真正有品味的時尚。

Brand Style
BABY MARY is the symbol of fashion, intellectuality, relaxation and kind of romance. Her temperament has become the pioneer of fashion leaders. She’s the new pop model of pursuing garment fashions. BABY MARY’s products catch the leading elements of European and Korean pioneer fashion. By her At Director Mr. Juge’s outstanding design ability, BABY MARY easily pushes her products to the high peak of fashion every season, and draws a lot of attention and praise in the industry. Continuous surprises for BABY MARY’s customers are always on the way.

"BABY MARY"品牌——時尚、知性、休閒,略帶浪漫隨性的氣質,已成為引領時尚、潮流服飾文化之先鋒,成為新時尚個性一族追逐服飾文化的新典範;BABY MARY作品捕捉歐韓時尚先鋒元素結合藝術總監Juge先生超越常規的設計才能,將每季作品推向潮流尖端,不斷掀起業內迴響,創造消費者永不停歇的驚喜。

Brand Philosophy
Fast fashion with genuine taste.
Brand Origin
HK original designer brand

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