Product Style
Nuclear age group: 25 to 35 females, which takes abt 80% of buying ability in market; as well as females of age 20 to 25 circle and 35 to 40 circle, which takes about 10% of  the buying rate.
Nuclear customer: intellectual females, and those that needs to be satisfied with different dressing and living styles in different occasions, such as commercial, social intercourse and leisure activities. BABY MARY can offer 360 degree angled dressing solutions. We always try to satisfy customers with various outfits in different situations.
All we want is just to make satisfaction with beauty.

核心年齡:   25-35歲之間占80%市場群體的時尚女性主力客戶群為中心,同時拉動各占10%的20-25歲和35-40歲的女性客戶群體。
核心人群:   知性女性。要求全方位地滿足:商務——社交——休閒的三維多彩生活需要,竭力彰顯女性在不同場合下的不同風貌、不同心境所體現出的風格各異的多面時尚魅力需求。


Design Philosophy
BABY MARY , which is sparked by fashion ideas from both inside and outside China, is originally from European and Korean fashion styles. With the unique design style, superior material, meticulous work and fashionable innervation, BABY MARY is a brand with obviously unique features.
"BABY MARY"品牌源自于歐韓流時尚風格,獵取中外服飾藝術之靈感,有其獨特的設計風面料精良,做工精細,時尚動感,具有顯著個性化特點。
Brand Superiority
Unique original design.
Nuclear brand philosophy. 
Continuous innovatory style and features. 
High Cost Performance.

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